McGinlay Bell are delighted to have received a Scottish Design Award 2017 for our ISO Design studio at last week’s award ceremony held in Glasgow.

@McGinlayBell — 14/04/17

We are delighted that our project for @ISODESIGN has been nominated for @ScottishDesign . Looking forward to it!…



Over the coming weeks our phased 40no. unit development project for Bigg Regeneration at ‘the botany’ will see full handover of all blocks realising an entire street of linear terraces.

@McGinlayBell — 26/03/17

With great honour our Mark Bell meets Señor Rafael Moneo in Madrid #MoneoPilgrimage #StudyTrip #Research

@McGinlayBell — 13/03/17

Our Mark Bell travels out to Spain with Y4 @stratharch in search of Rafael Moneo #MoneoPilgrimage #Architecture



“Happy New Year MB. What a year! Here’s a cheers to setting up office, to Finland and Aalto, to not one hip replacement but two, from the lows of Centrum to the highs of Kilsyth, to Maryhill and to Glasgow Film, to the small projects to the tall projects, to no invoice no payment, to an office of four to an of more. Onwards and upwards! BM”

@McGinlayBell — 15/02/17

It’s nearly red carpet time @glasgowfilm @glasgowfilmfest We’re looking forward to the opening gala! : ) #GFF17