Clydebank Town Hall Gallery & Museum

  • Client:

    West Dunbartonshire Council

  • Location: Clydebank
  • Status: RIBA Stage 2 / 3
  • Contract value: Undisclosed

McGinlay Bell were asked to consider the feasibility of re-designing the current museum, exhibition and galleries spaces within Clydebank Town Hall. Whilst improving accessibility the project aims to increasing the footprint of these spaces within the confines of the existing building footprint.

Our works explored two imaginative solutions. As a ‘local gallery’ our first solution retained the physical conditions each of the existing individual gallery spaces whilst defining an enhanced character throughout as a new series of traditional ‘rooms’.

As an ‘international gallery’ our second solution imagines an open welcoming expanse, providing a series of more flexible configurable gallery spaces, with a robust utilitarian aesthetic subservient to the artworks being display.