House in Bearsden

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  • Location: East Dunbartonshire
  • Status: Completed - RIBA Stage 7
  • Contract value: Undisclosed
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    Jack Hobhouse

A new family home in Bearsden has been developed as a simple one to two storey, four-bedroom house. Set in a leafy suburban setting, and bound by an edge of mature scots pine trees, the house has conceptually been conceived as a brick house that masters a subservient pavilion building to its long narrow site between two existing residential properties.

Intentionally domestic in scale and familiar in form the house also incorporates multiple narratives from garden pavilion to courtyard house. The courtyards and garden spaces are composed by a glass, timber and steel verandah which offers a common point of orientation within the house and a sense of mediation between the inside and out.

The form of the building has been carefully considered to respond to the proportions of the neighbourhood buildings while brick has been chosen as the dominant material to create a visual coherence and a feeling of robustness and longevity.

Continuity between the architecture and landscape is fundamental to our designed approach where the manipulation of materiality, mass, light and space aim to root the building to the site while comfortably locating the building in a wider landscape