Marlborough Avenue

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  • Location: Broomhill, Glasgow
  • Status: Completed - RIBA Stage 7
  • Contract value: Undisclosed
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    Dapple Photography

Marlborough Avenue is a traditional mid-terrace home with a public front and private back condition situated in the Broomhill conservation area of Glasgow, the area is characterized by its sandstone terraces and tenements.

The delivered project at its most basic comprises a new rear extension, which reconfigures how the whole ground floor is navigated and experienced, delivering a new heart to the home focused and designed around everyday family life.

Conceptually as a new piece of architecture, the extension represents itself outside as a simple crafted bronze and walnut structure visually offering a ‘pavilion-like’ amenity to the south-facing garden. The bronze refers to the autumnal tones of the garden and also the predominantly sandstone context.

The tones and hues of the bronze and walnut cladding are intended to reflect the autumnal tones and hues of the garden that we noticed on our first site visit.

As the design developed the language of the new extension started to be about an autonomous object that would sit apart from the historic terrace as a pavilion like structure in the garden.